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SEMO Chapter 5

2017 Chapter Meetings:



The Ozark Chapter

Ozark Chapter Meeting dates for 2017:

The meetings are still at the Golden Corral in Springfield.



North Missouri
2017 Chapter Meetings are 10:00am with registration beginning at 9:30am on:
January 24, 2017.....Salt River Care Center.....Contact: Dayna Power at 573-588-4175
March 21, 2017.....Knox County Nursing Home.....Contact: Kristi Tarpein  660-397-2282
May 23, 2017.....LaPlate Nursing Home.....Contact:Rejena
July 25, 2017.....Clark County Nursing Home..... Contact: Delma Smith 660-727-3303
Sept. 26, 2017.....Scotland County Care Center.....Contact:  Tammy Hammond
November 28, 2017.....Loch Haven.....Contact: 
Daniel Boone
2017 Chapter Meetings will be held at Lenoir Woods - 11:00am to 1:00pm
January 18, 2017
March 15, 2017
May 24, 2017
July 19, 2017
September 20, 2017
November 15, 2017 
Kansas City Chapter
Jan. 19, 2016.....at John Know Village.....Contact: Melody Atcheson, phone 347-2463
Feb. 16, 2016.....at Truman Med Lakewood.....Contact: Joyce Bornstein, phone 404-9503.....no lunch
March 15, 2016.....
April 19, 2016.....at Genealogy Center.....
May OFF for Nursing Home Week
June 21, 2016.....at The Groves.....Contact: Sharon Johnson, phone 254-3500 ext. 314.....lunch
July 19, 2016.....at Foxwood Springs.....Contact:  Natalie Toliver, phone 331-3111.....lunch
Aug. 16, 2016.....at John Knox Village.....Contact:  Melody Atcheson, phone 347-2463.....lunch
Sept. OFF for Fall Conference
Oct. 18, 2016.....at Hidden Lake.....Contact:  Kaila Spilman, phone 737-1010 ext. 831.....lunch
Nov. 15, 2016.....at Armour Oaks.....Contact: Artisha Williams, phone 363-5144 ext. 244.....lunch
St. Louis Chapter

Pony Express Chapter Activities Directors Association of Missouri
Pony Express Chapter  Bi-monthly Meeting
May 24 th, 2017
Hosted By: Teena Taylor
Where: Green Valley Baptist Church
3110 Cook Road, St. Joseph
CEU’s: $3.00 per person at each meeting
8:30-9:00 Registration
9:00-12:00 Education: Alzheimer’s Disease: Overview, Activity Planning,
Addressing Challenging Behaviors, and Early Onset/Head Injury-Related Dementia
by Brenda Gregg, Alzheimer’s Association.
*Business meeting to follow the education-all are encouraged to stay for the meeting.
**VERY IMPORTANT: please RSVP to Eva by one of the following ways: e-mail at
ewilliams@platinumhc.net, call and leave a message at (816) 324-3185 ext. 200,
or text (816) 383-2177 (please leave your name if you text). Please have all RSVP’s
in by May 23 rd . Thank you!
***We will have a potluck lunch after the education. Please let me know what you are bringing.
If you have any question please contact Opal Bashor at 816-232- 7858 or Eva Williams at 816-383-